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Cement Mixers

The new Heraeus PALAMIX® cement mixers make attaching hip and knee prostheses easier and more convenient.

Disposable Accessories

We offer to choose our partner MicroAire Surgical Instruments Pulse Lavage high-pressure cleaning system, which is a new generation of equipment designed to better clean surgical wounds and reduce the risk of infection.

Hip Prosthesis

Our partners, Waldemar Link and MicroPort offer state-of-the-art, innovative, biocompatible prosthetic techniques that effectively adapt to human anatomy and tissue-friendly surgical techniques that allow the patient to return to daily life more quickly.

Knee Prosthesis

Knee replacement surgery is especially significant in patients who experience discomfort due to impaired knee function. It is essential to use high-quality, stable prostheses that restore the natural functionality of the knee joint and, as far as possible, safeguard bone and soft tissues so that long-term patient satisfaction can be ensured.

Shoulder Prostheses

Our partners, FH Ortho and Arthrex are companies with long-term and successful clinical experience that produce exceptional quality shoulder replacement and fracture treatment products, one of which is the reverse total shoulder replacement recommended for rotator function impairment.