Angiographic needle

Angiographic needle – intended for percutaneous vascular access to establish guide wire to the vessel. Needles can be One part, Two part or Catheter access needle.  Either...

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Guide Wires

Guide Wires – a long and flexible fine spring used to access to the vessel over the needle, target and cross lesions, facilitate delivery of interventional devices i. e. stents,...

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Introducers – (also called a sheath or an introducer sheath) is a tubular conduit, placed through the skin and vessel wall, used to introduce ballons, stents, catheters,...

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A diagnostic catheter is intended for use in angiographic procedures. It delivers radiopaque media, embolization coils and/or therapeutic agents to selected sites in the vascular...

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PTA Balloons

Flexible catheter with a small balloon at the end of it and it is used to insert through an vessel wall and guided to a location where the vessel has narrowed from some form of...

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Stent is a small usually metal mesh tube that’s used to treat narrow or weak vessels. A stents helps support the inner wall of the vessel in the months or years. Stents can be...

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