Cement Mixers

The new HERAEUS PALAMIX® cement mixers make it easier and more convenient to attach hip and knee prostheses. HERAEUS cement mixers feature a particularly innovative vacuum...

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Hip Prosthesis

Many years of clinical experience in hip prosthesis, collaboration with top surgeons, numerous reliable clinical trials, long survival and faster hip restoration are just some of...

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Knee Prosthesis

Knee replacement surgery is especially significant in patients who experience discomfort due to impaired knee function. It is extremely important to use high-quality, stable...

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Shoulder Prostheses

FH ORTHOPEDICS and ARTHREX are companies with long-term and successful clinical experience that produce exceptional quality shoulder replacement and fracture treatment products,...

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Disposable Accessories

The MICROAIRE Pulse Lavage high-pressure cleaning system is a new generation of equipment designed to better clean surgical wounds and reduce the risk of infection. Pulse...

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