Toracic Stent Grafts

Thoracic aortic endovascular grafts indicated for thoracic arotic aneurysms and dissecations endovascular treatment. Devices should be delivered through femoral and iliac access...

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Abdominal aortic devices

Abdominal aortic devices are indicated for AAA and iliac aneurysms treatment. Available wide range of stentgrafts for various abdominal and thoracoabdominal pathology. Separate...

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Extra Stiff Wires

Extra Stiff wire guides has highest quality and best technical characteristics among its class and dedicated for simple and difficult aortic interventions. Wires has wide range of...

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Graduated sizing catheters

Graduated sizing catheters used in aortography and for aortic lenght measurements. Catheters has excellent proximal end x-ray visability and are highest quality and best in...

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Large Diameter Introducers

Introducers are intended for introduction of balloons, closed and non-tapered end catheters or other diagnostic and interventional devices. Available wide range of various sizes,...

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Endovascular dilators

Endovascular dilators used for fascial tissue track and vessel dilation. Dilators are available in differens sized and could be very useful solving difficult calcified stenotic...

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