Chest Drainage Systems

Chest drainage is a fairly simple and uncomplicated procedure performed using a water-tight chest drainage system that removes air, blood, or fluid from the chest. Such a...

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Percutaneous Drainage Catheters

Fluid accumulating in the body cavity is a common surgical pathology, often accompanied by complex patient cases. By way of visualization the percutaneous drainage catheters are...

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Access Needles

Percutaneous puncture is a complex procedure that requires the experience and knowledge of a specialist, with the aim of which a wire guide is inserted into the body cavity with...

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Biopsy Needles

Biopsy needles are used for percutaneous subcutaneous soft tissue or bone sampling for laboratory testing. With us, you can find light, easy-to-use and -control biopsy needles and...

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Guide Wires

Wire guides – long, flexible, atraumatic wires used for insertion into blood vessels through a needle. They are designed to achieve and transition occlusions, to facilitate the...

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TIPPS Procedure Products

Perform the Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystem Bypass (TIPS) procedure with a state-of-the-art Rösch-Uchida kit specifically designed for this procedure by COOK MEDICAL, which...

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