Bifurcated Aortic Grafts

With more than 50 years of experience in the production of transplants for vascular surgery, MAQUET allows medical professionals to offer the widest selection of aortic...

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Silver Coated Aortic Grafts

Made of polyester and coated with collagen, MAQUET aortic bifurcation prostheses are suitable for professional reconstruction of the abdominal aorta and iliac arteries, as well as...

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A-V Grafts

Because of the 3-layer construction, the advanced ePTFE prostheses, developed by MAQUET for medical professionals, are more robust, making them more durable, and they effectively...

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Collagen Coated Polyester Patches

In vascular surgery, collagen is especially valued for its exceptional properties – tensile strength and easy handling of the material, so some vascular surgeons equate it to a...

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