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For easier interventional cardiology, we offer a choice of various accessories developed by our partner Abbott, which allow you to prepare responsibly for the procedures.

Closure Devices

We present Abbott premium wound closures, which allow complete and reliable closure of arterial wall defects after using small or sizeable outer diameter endovascular devices.

Drug Eluting Stents

Choose drug-eluting stents from our partner Abbott to help prevent restenosis.

Guide Wires

With PTKA/PTVAA wire guides manufactured by our partner Abbott, you can easily reach the site of the damaged coronary vessel.

Guide Wires

Wire guides – long, flexible, atraumatic wires are used for insertion into blood vessels through a needle. They are designed to achieve and transition occlusions to facilitate the introduction of interventions such as stents or balloons. Wire guides can vary in material, diameter, core, tip design, spiral, and coating.

PTA Balloons

Cook Medical and Abbott PTA balloons stand out for their unique specifications, which expand the procedural possibilities and restore blood flow to the affected blood vessel more effectively.

PTCA Balloon Catheters

We offer the choice of our partner Abbott PTKA balloons for dilating narrowed or blocked coronary arteries in treating ischemic heart disease and its complications.


Stents are tiny mesh tubes, usually made of metal, used to treat narrowed or weak channels. They help to provide extra support for the inner wall of the canal for months or even years. The stent can be self-expanding or expandable by a balloon.