Live session: New frontiers of complex SFA angioplasties

New frontiers of complex SFA angioplasties
Conquering the Complex lesions with step-by-step approach

Date: Wednesday, February 15th 2017 
from 12:30pm to 02pm (GMT+1) 

Language(s): English

Moderators and Speakers:

The complexity of Endovascular SFA-popliteal procedures are in constant increase. Today, longer and calcified lesions are more oftenly addressed to this therapy.
In the meantime, new tools and devices are driving new clinical strategies and practice.

The aim of this experts discussion in live broadcast will be to share and argue around a step-by-step approach and clinical presentations, focusing on and exposing key technical points.
Discover the “know how” of your endovascular experts through this next live session, and share with them your questions & comments!


12:30    Introduction - Dr Max Amor
12:35    Case n°1 : SFA recanalization step-by-step 

1_0.jpg 2.jpg

12:48    Stenting or not Stenting in SFA recanalization - Dr Jérôme Brunet
12:58    Case n°2 : Intraluminal SFA recanalization failure : re-entry device


13:18    Recanalization failure : Retrograde approach vs Re-entry approach vs Surgical approach - Dr Massimiliano di Primio
13:28    Panel discussion
13:43    Case n°3 : Instent Restenosis : new technologies (laser-DCB)


13:53    How to deal with ISR in recanalized SFA : new tools - Dr Eric Ducasse
14:00    Conclusion and take home messages - Dr Jérôme Brunet

Educational objectives

  • Discuss current trends and approaches to the treatment of fempop complex cases, in terms of patient’s outcomes
  • Discover key points and limits in SFA angioplasties
  • Learn about indications and clinical evidences
  • Demonstrate advanced techniques and technologies in the treatment of fempop complex cases
  • Provide platform for discussion and mutual learning


  • Endovascular specialists (Vascular Surgeons, Interventional Radiologists, Interventional Angiologists and Interventional Cardiologists)
  • Referring physicians of patients with peripheral artery disease

For more details, please check here.

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