Straub Medical: Straub Baltic Symposium 2017

We invite you to Baltic Symposium 2017 organized by Straub Medical in Tallinn.

It will start with dinner on August 30th and symposium date will be on August 31st. 

Venue: East Tallinn Central hospital, Estonia

Date: August 30-31, 2017 

Straub speaker: Dr. Torsten Fuss from Germany. He will do the life cases together with Dr. Margus from Estonia. 


  • Arrangement of 3-4 peripheral life cases on August 31st in the cath lab
  • Video stream from the cath lab to the main auditorium in East Tallinn Central hospital to provide on-line case for larger amount of participants
  • Demo kit to show the working principle of Rotarex in the auditorium for all participants. 
  • A lecture about Rotarex and Aspirex catheters.
  • And this symposium will be arranged in cooperation with Volcano Philips to present also Phoenix atherectomy system which is not direct competition for us but there will be also small part related to this system and differences. 
  • All participants will be Certficates 

For further details about Straub Baltic Symposium 2017:
+3706 6353844

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