Interventional Radiology, Peripheral Intervention

Abbott AMPLATZER™ – rapid embolization even in high-flow vessels

Abbott AMPLATZER™ Family of Vascular Plugs (AVP) are indicated for arterial and venous embolization in the peripheral vasculature. The nitinol mesh of an AVP acts as an embolic agent that promotes rapid clot formation. It creates a physical barrier to blood flow by instigating both the body’s immune response followed by a natural coagulation process. Amplatzer™ Vascular Plugs are the single-device solution that allows for faster procedure times and less radiation exposure.

Advantages of AMPLATZER™ Vascular Plugs:

  • For different vessel conditions
  • Rapid embolization even in high-flow vessels
  • Designed for precise placement and controlled delivery
  • Lower procedural costs
  • Limited imaging artifact

There are 3 different types of AMPLATZER™ Vascular Plugs:

  • Single lobe, single layer device
  • Platinum marker bands on both ends
  • Multi-layered mesh designed to increase density and flow disturbance
  • Six planes of cross-sectional coverage resulting in rapid occlusion
  • Easy tracking through tortuous anatomy
  • Extended reach to distal vasculature

Note: Select a device that is ~30-50% larger in diameter than the target vessel diameter. An overview of the procedure:

Useful links:

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