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Angiographic Needle

Percutaneous vascular puncture is a complex procedure requiring a specialist's experience and knowledge, during which a wire guide is inserted with the help of an angiographic needle. One of the components of a successful insertion is using a high-quality, quickly, and precisely controlled insertion needle with scalpel sharpness.


Diagnostic catheters are used for angiographic procedures, and x-ray contrast agents, embolization coils, and therapeutic agents enter the selected site of the vascular system. They are also designed to help wire guides or catheters reach the right place.

Embolization Devices

Cook Medical platinum displaceable or detachable fibrous coils are one of the most modern arterial and venous embolization solutions in the world today, which guarantees a more efficient and economical way to achieve the desired result.

Guide Wires

Wire guides – long, flexible, atraumatic wires are used for insertion into blood vessels through a needle. They are designed to achieve and transition occlusions to facilitate the introduction of interventions such as stents or balloons. Wire guides can vary in material, diameter, core, tip design, spiral, and coating.

Intravascular Retriever

Successful recovery of a lost catheter particle, wire guide, or other foreign body from a vascular system is quite tricky. A specialist's unique skills and experience are beneficial in such cases, but the success of such a procedure often depends on special measures that facilitate the search process.


Introducers also called a sheath or an introducer sheath, are designed to insert balloons, stents, catheters, micro-catheters, or other diagnostic and interventional devices through the skin and vessel wall that cannot be inserted alone to reach the required site. The use of introducers reduces the risk of recurrent vascular wall damage.

Mechanical Trombectomy

Straub Medical mechanical rotary thrombectomy devices are a newer and more effective solution for removing occlusive material from a blood vessel.

Peripheral Arterial Stentgraphs

Many people experience the unpleasant sensations caused by peripheral artery disease every day. Peripheral artery stenographs in vascular therapy, improved with modern technology, allow patients to re-enjoy improved well-being without discomfort.

PTA Balloons

Cook Medical and Abbott PTA balloons stand out for their unique specifications, which expand the procedural possibilities and restore blood flow to the affected blood vessel more effectively.


Stents are tiny mesh tubes, usually made of metal, used to treat narrowed or weak channels. They help to provide extra support for the inner wall of the canal for months or even years. The stent can be self-expanding or expandable by a balloon.

Vascular Filters

The vascular filter is a medical device implanted in a carotid or empty vein to prevent life-threatening pulmonary embolism. Cook Medical vascular filters are tools you can trust.