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Abdominal Aortic Devices

We can offer an extensive range of Cook Medical stent grafts. These medical devices will allow performing even the most complex abdominal aortic aneurysm surgeries.

Closure Devices

We present Abbott premium wound closures, which allow complete and reliable closure of arterial wall defects after using small or sizeable outer diameter endovascular devices.

Endovascular Dilators

We recommend Cook Medical endovascular dilators for aortic stent graft implants with difficult access due to severe calcification of the iliac arteries.

Endovascular Graft Procedure Packs and Accessories

Tools and kits for aortic endovascular procedures are intended for physicians trained and experienced in working with standard vascular prostheses, angiographic catheters, and wire guides during endovascular surgery.

Extra Stiff Wires

Choose our partner's Cook Medical aortic wire guides for complex diagnostic and interventional procedures where increased body, flexibility, and low surface friction of the wire guide are needed.

Graduated Sizing Catheters

We can offer an extensive range of aortic catheters - of various sizes and lengths with different distal tip openings, materials, and designs.

Large Diameter Balloons

For temporary closure of large arteries and dilation of vascular and aortic stents or stent-grafts, we recommend balloon catheters from our partner Cook Medical with a large-diameter and small profile balloon.

Large Diameter Introducers

We suggest choosing high-quality large-diameter introducers manufactured by our partner Cook Medical.

Thoracic Stent Grafts

We recommend choosing thoracic aortic stent grafts of various diameters, lengths, and shapes from our partner American manufacturer, Cook Medical.

Vascular Retrievers

During the operation, unexpected challenges can occur even for professionals – prepare for them in advance and promptly resolve any problems that may arise by removing foreign bodies or other materials inside the blood vessels.