Quality And Environmental Policy

BONAMEDA is a company that keeps in step with innovations. It implements modern medical solutions that improve the quality of medical work and patients’ lives. We collaborate with the leaders of medical instrument manufacturing from all parts of the world. We provide our clients with medical instruments that are most effective and best suited to their needs. We constantly improve the skills of our employees and enhance their qualifications. Therefore, our team provides professional service and clinical support for the doctors. It also responds promptly to all client inquiries.

The company follows a long-term business perspective. Taking customer satisfaction and the demands of other interested parties into consideration, it aims to ensure that each transaction becomes a recommendation for the next. The professionalism of our employees and their responsibility for the company’s obligations are the most important guarantors of our success. Therefore, to effectively employ and increase the potential of our employees, we intend to systematically further their qualifications and create desirable and safe work conditions.

This is a company that is guided by values. Our fundamental values form the foundation of all that we do, and they were part of the business from the very beginning: clients, professionalism, the pursuit of long-term goals, responsibility, innovation, respect for colleagues, clients, partners, and the environment, as well as honesty.

We collaborate with global brands that set high-quality and environmental protection requirements. For our part, we are committed to following all the requirements applicable to us. For this purpose, we have implemented an integrated management system for quality and environment protection in our company that complies with the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 international standards. We have prepared and continue to successfully realize all procedures that help to manage production operations and company processes more effectively. We pay special attention to the rational use of resources and take the required measures to prevent pollution. We are also committed to cyclical checks, improvements, and the appropriate pursuit of the fixed policy for quality and environmental protection. We believe that this system will help to plan, create, maintain, analyze and improve the activities undertaken by the organization.