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Access Needles

Percutaneous puncture is a complex procedure requiring a specialist's experience and knowledge, with the aim of which a wire guide is inserted into the body cavity with the help of an insertion needle. One of the components of successful insertion of a percutaneous puncture procedure is the use of a high-quality, quickly, and precisely controlled insertion needle with scalpel sharpness.

Additional Tools

With the rapid development of interventional radiology, we encourage the introduction of newer and more advanced treatment methodologies to ensure even better health and a bright future for your clients with severe bile disorders.

Biopsy Needles

We suggest choosing Cook Medical's easy, convenient-to-use, and manage biopsy needles and their sets. With high-quality biopsy needles, you can easily take subcutaneous samples of soft tissue or bone for laboratory tests.

Chest Drainage Systems

Chest drainage is a relatively simple and uncomplicated procedure using a water-tight chest drainage system that removes air, blood, or fluid from the chest. Such a procedure is essential – chest drainage can help save the patient’s life, so it is worth choosing a drainage system responsibly.

Guide Wires

Wire guides – long, flexible, atraumatic wires used for insertion into blood vessels through a needle. They are designed to achieve and transition occlusions to facilitate the introduction of interventions such as stents or balloons. Wire guides vary in material, diameter, core, tip design, coil, and coating.

Percutaneous Drainage Catheters

Fluid accumulating in the body cavity is a common surgical pathology, often accompanied by complex patient cases. By visualization, percutaneous drainage catheters are inserted into the body cavity, such as the chest, abdomen, or pelvis, to drain fluid from the body. Our goal is to offer you a versatile selection of drainage catheters suitable for every percutaneous drainage surgery procedure and their accessories that meet Your most demanding needs.

Sialography & Lymphangiography Products

You can find catheters for sialography and lymphangiography in our range. These devices inject X-ray contrast material to monitor the lymphatic system, lymph nodes, lymphatic ducts, lymphoid tissues, capillaries, lymphatic blood vessels, or salivary glands during X-rays.


Stents are tiny mesh tubes, usually made of metal, used to treat narrowed or weak channels. They help to provide extra support for the inner wall of the canal for months or even years. The stent can be self-expanding or expandable by a balloon.

TIPPS Procedure Products

Perform the Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystem Bypass (TIPS) procedure with a state-of-the-art Rösch-Uchida kit specifically designed for this procedure by Cook Medical, which includes tools for transjugular liver access, diagnosis, and interventional procedures.