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Bifurcation Aneurysm Implant

By implanting a neck stent of bifurcated aneurysms during a minimally invasive procedure, cerebral aneurysms in T-shaped branches can be safely and effectively treated.

Mechanical Trombectomy

An innovation – small mesh-shaped stents – helps achieve better long-term neurological results in modern medicine for treating cerebrovascular disorders.

Micro Wire Guide

The hydrophilic micro-wire guide 0.014” is a wire guide adapted to the brain's standard and most complex anatomy, which facilitates neurosurgical operations and ensures the safety of procedures.

PTA Balloon Catheter

The PTA balloon catheter is specifically designed for more advanced and effective treatment of the brain's intracranial stenosis and blood vessels. The unique design of the PTA balloon catheter will guarantee easier access and complete safety of the procedure.

The Flow Modulation Device

We integrate the latest technological advances in treating neurovascular aneurysms and introduces a new generation of intracranial blood flow modulators.