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FiberTape Cerclage – an alternative way to fix circular fractures

FiberTape Cerclage is a tape made of pint polyethylene (UHMWPE) and polyester thread. This is a great alternative for fixing circular fractures.

Due to its low, wide profile, the FiberTape Cerclage system provides stronger compression and load compared to traditional metal cables and wires. The system consists of FiberTape and TigerTape ™ thread tape and instruments for tensioning and securing the tape.

FiberTape Cerclage System:

  • Low profile - 2 mm thick tape;
  • Made of pint polyethylene (UHMWPE) and polyester yarn;
  • 100% X-ray contrast;
  • Does not cut soft fabrics - no sharp metal edges or metal fasteners.

Useful Documents:

  • Fracture Management Brochure
  • Make Metal Cerclage a Memory Brochure

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