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Our private healthcare sector's commitment to excellence extends beyond medical procedures. With English-speaking staff, cutting-edge equipment, and conveniently short flying times from all directions, it's no wonder that our nation is hailed as the prime destination for those seeking to improve their mobility and quality of life.

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With our help and long-term experience in knee arthroplasty, you will quickly get to the best specialists in a reliable medical institution in Lithuania.

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We have cooperated with the largest and most famous private and public healthcare institutions in Baltic countries for almost 30 years. This experience allows us to recommend the best hospitals that perform knee replacement surgery using the world’s most famous knee prostheses and guarantee the highest level of medical service and care.

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For almost 30 years, we have been cooperating with the Baltic countries’ largest and most well-known private and public healthcare institutions. This experience allows us to recommend the most reliable surgeons who are not only constantly interested in the latest MicroPort® knee treatment techniques and innovations as well as apply them in practice.

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Bonameda, LLC is the official distributor of MicroPort Orthopaedics products in the Baltic States. Consult with our product specialists today to discover the cutting-edge MicroPort knee endoprosthesis solutions available exclusively in the Baltic region. We are ready to help you!

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We make every effort to ensure that your stay is pleasant and the medical treatment is the best that you can get. That is why you can be assured that you will be taken care of from the first consultation to the final farewell.

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Step One

Schedule a consultation with the chosen orthopedic surgeon. During this consultation, the surgeon will conduct a thorough pre-operative assessment, which may include physical examinations, imaging tests, and blood work. The surgeon will discuss the procedure, potential risks, and expected outcomes.

Step Two

Follow the pre-operative instructions provided by the surgeon and medical facility. On the day of surgery, arrive at the hospital or medical center, complete the necessary paperwork, and undergo the knee replacement procedure as scheduled.

Step Three

After the surgery, follow the post-operative care instructions provided by your surgeon. This may include physical therapy, pain management, wound care, and follow-up appointments. Be sure to attend all recommended post-operative visits and adhere to the rehabilitation program to ensure a smooth recovery. Once your surgeon has approved your discharge, make travel arrangements to return home. Continue with any prescribed medications and rehabilitation exercises as directed.

Step Four

After returning home, continue follow-up care with your healthcare provider online. They can monitor your recovery and provide any necessary further assistance.

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25 Reasons to Choose Evolution® Medial Pivot Knee System

The Evolution® Medial-Pivot knee system is designed to answer the limitations of traditional implants by delivering superior flexion stability, anatomic motion, and wear–limiting design characteristics.

The Evolution® medial-pivot knee system is built upon a legacy of 95% patient satisfaction with 98.8% survivorship at 17 years1, and features a design that enhances quadriceps efficiency, allowing for improved proprioception.

To achieve postoperative satisfaction, patients want their implant to deliver high functionality and a more natural feeling. The single-radius design of the Evolution® knee system provides stability through all phases of flexion. AP translation is also decreased to help achieve a more normal feel. This represents a dramatic advance over traditional knee replacements, which have been shown to exhibit anterior-posterior translation that can decrease stability and cause early revisions.2,3


Patient reported satisfaction with a Medial-Pivot prosthesis is 95%. A recent study also confirmed higher patient satisfaction when knees are balanced with a tighter medial compartment.


Since the Medial-Pivot Knee System was first released 20 years ago, it has achieved outstanding clinical success worldwide, with documented 98.8% survivorship at 17 years¹.


The Medial-Pivot insert is designed to allow normal motion and natural function by replicating the native structure of the knee and providing a highly-conforming surface on the medial side.


Patients who underwent total knee arthroplasty with the Medial-Pivot knee scored significantly better on the Forgotten Joint Score than those who underwent a TKA with posterior stabilized knee.

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Surgeons answer your questions about the MicroPort® medial-pivot knee system, including benefits, recovery times, and more.

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Every patient is different, and individual results will vary. There are risks and recovery times associated with surgery.


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Vytaras decided to have a knee joint replacement operation after he suffered for 10 years