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AndaProtect disposable medical face masks for the prevention of airborne infections

We have strengthened our forces in the fight against respiratory and other airborne infections – we can provide stockpiles of disposable medical masks for everyone who wants to protect themselves, loved ones and their employees. We present the German manufacturer ANDANZA AndaProtect disposable protective 3-layer medical face masks for the protection of your health.

AndaProtect protective medical face masks are made of 100% non-woven polypropylene, which is widely used in the medical industry – a soft, warm, stretchy fabric with a texture similar to wool. This fabric is breathable, making it easy to breathe through a protective mask.

3 layers of protection

AndaProtect protective medical mask consists of 3 layers, which strengthens the air filtration properties – the efficiency of bacterial filtration reaches up to 98%. The outer layer consists of a liquid-resistant layer, the middle layer consists of an extremely high-density filter, and the soft inner layer adhering to the nose and mouth effectively absorbs the excreted liquids. In this way, the medical mask protects you from the respiratory droplets and smaller aerosols in the environment and allows you to protect others from being infected.

For this reason, such masks are ideal for everyday use and work in the premises of high-risk medical facilities. In addition, research has shown that disposable medical masks are 3 times more effective in controlling droplet-borne infections than home-made masks.

Medical masks have elastic latex-free bands that attach comfortably to the nose and ears. Face masks are extremely light, universal in size, non-sterile for single use. The package contains 50 pieces.

AndaProtect disposable face mask:

  • 3 layers of PP wool material
  • Comfortable to attach elastic-free elastic bands
  • Bacterial filtration efficiency: 98%
  • High air permeability
  • Extremely light
  • Universal size
  • Non-sterile
  • For single use only

Available in boxes of 50 pieces.

* Read more about the study here

We invite you to take care of yourself and your loved ones – for more detailed information about AndaProtect disposable medical face masks, please contact the following contacts:
+370 37 280 710